About Me - Philip Kuntz Photography

An Early Start

Thank you for visiting my website!  

I started my photographic journey when I was 10, many decades ago.  Here is an old pic of me with my first camera and my brother Bret at my side.  My passion for capturing the essence and beauty of Nature and Wildlife has grown since my first shot.  

I'm self-taught.  Decades of image hunting have enhanced my eye for good compositions.  I'm self-taught as well processing the images I've brought home.  I enjoy the continual pursuit of learning, sharing, networking and improvement that photography provides.

I live in Spokane Valley WA, which provides an ideal jumping off place for outstanding photographic destinations in every direction.

I use Nikon cameras and lenses.  I do have a bit of NAS disease (Nikon Acquisition Syndrome).  I appreciate my wife Karen's understanding and support of my hobby/passion/addiction.  

Thanks for your visit.   If you have any questions, comments or anything I can improve on feel free to contact me.


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